Best Collagen Supplements

How To Choose The Best Collagen Supplements For Skin

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best collagen supplements for skin; primarily this involves looking at the type of collagen best optimized for skin rejuvenation. Best Collagen Supplements

Also look at additional ingredients that are used, possible allergy concerns, and for dosage measurements.

The Body’s Need For Collagen

The naturally collagen protein is involved within the range of 25%-35% of the body’s proteins. However, as people age the presence of collagen in the human body decreases and this is how wrinkles and sagging emerge as signs of an aging body.

There has been evidence to show that collagen supplements can replenish and revitalize areas of the body, and for the skin this means increased elasticity and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and sag points.

Reason For Use

There are well over 24 types of collagen that is used in the human body. However, there are 5 primary types that are provided in supplement form.

  • Type I for skin, tendons, and bones
  • Type II for cartilage
  • Type III for reticular fibers
  • Type IV for cell membranes
  • Type V for cell surfaces, placental matter, and hair

The best collagen supplements for skin will be focused on the Type I collagen because that is the collagen that aids in the elasticity of skin, strength and flexibility of tendons, and the strength of bone tissue.

Certainly the other types will be beneficial to your health, but if skin is where you are looking for the greatest benefit from collagen supplements then it is wise to go with products that emphasize their Type I collagen content.

Additional Ingredients

Most collagen supplements contain other ingredients that are beneficial to your health and are not purely composed for the collagen protein gelatin.

Usually the added ingredients are included to support the collagen type that is the primary health benefit of the product. As a result, each of the 5 most common types will have some unique additives.

Type I collagen, the type that is best for skin, tendons, and bones will often include additional ingredients of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a common additive because it’s an antioxidant for fighting cell damage and it plays a significant role in the synthesis of collagen in the human body.

Another reason to look at ingredients is especially important for those with allergies to particular substances.  Some products may contain elements of shellfish, eggs, or wheat, or yeast to promote additional healthy benefits.

For those with severe allergic reactions, these may cause a health hazard. Not all products with the same purpose use the same ingredients, so if you find one that may cause a severe reaction, it is a viable option to seek out other brands that contain alternative items in their composition.


Experts typically recommend, for the best collagen supplements for skin, a daily dosage of 5-10 grams. There isn’t any reason to fear of the possibility of a collagen overdose because of the chemistry of collagen makes it very water-soluble.

As of yet there is not standard set for a dosage of collagen and experts base their recommendations on the body’s ability to efficiently process and utilize collagen.

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